COED offers opportunities for people to increase levels of independence while also promoting inclusion in our community through individual learning, facilitation and support in the areas of:

Social Engagement:

We attend community events whenever possible and are active supporters of local businesses and organizations. We engage in activities that support, and give back to our community including Communtiy Development Council, Firefighters Toy Drive, P&G Warehouse and The Salvation Army.

Social Enterprise:

We have made concrete patio stones and bird baths, wooden snowmen and all occasion greeting cards. Each participant contributes to the success of these projects.


Exceptional Fun & Fitness Program

Sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation

The exceptional health and fitness is a fully inclusive program that is fun and flexible. A variety of activities are included each week including range of motion, balance, cardiovascular, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance. Classes are led by a certified group fitness Instructor. Weight, land and pool activites are availble.

Activities are incorporated that encourage participation in the local community, while promoting inclusion and acceptance.

All activities take place at the Quinte Sports & Wellness centre.


Other COED facilitiation includes:

Functional Literacy, Numeracy and Living Skills:

Enhanced literacy and numeracy provides support to individuals with everyday activities such as reading mail, counting money or making purchases, and being able to access services within our local community. We encompass reading, math, money skills, time management and basic computer skills. The living skills curriculum encompasses community awareness, safety, hygiene skills, housekeeping, menu planning and grocery shopping.



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