In 1986 a steering Committee was set up to ascertain the needs of people with developmental and/or physical disabilities. The target area covered the Quinte region and surrounding communities. The Committee was made up of representatives from William R. Kirk School, Cheshire Homes and A.R.C. Industries. All of these agencies supported people whose needs were not being met by existing day programs.

COED (Continuing On In Education) was established on September 1st, 1986 in order to provide a continuing educational program for these Citizens. Originally programming focused on a life skills component and then incorporated the functional academics as per Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines. COED became an incorporated non-profit entity on April 7th, 1989.

In September 1996 we, along with all adult literacy programs, COED was faced with complete elimination of funding from the Provincial government. This left COED completely reliant on the community through fundraising, private and corporate donations and the financial support from the United Way of Quinte.

Today, COED maintains a person-centered approach to program delivery. The program is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the people being supported, and the expectations of society.

COED Celebrates 30 Years OF Making A Difference!

On August 27, 2016, COED celebrated our 30th anniversary.

The celebration began with the 2nd Annual Celebration Walk For Inclusion. The walk was followed by cake cutting and awards to our longstanding volunteers and partner agencies.

Thank you to our volunteers; Shelly Ackers, Carol Dawson, Elizabeth McMaster, Nadyne Mattis and to partner agencies; United Way, Pathways To Independence and the Pathways Foundation.

COED has been proudly supported by United Way of Quinte since 1995.

We would also like to thank:

Pathways To Independence and the Pathways Foundation for their continued support of our program!

COED continues to strive for excellence for the people we support.

Together we can make a difference!